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How To Play All-In Trivia

All-In Trivia is a fast-paced poker-style trivia game that allows you to pit your knowledge against your opponent’s for fun "money". All-In Trivia has several different game types available to players based on betting limits ($0.10 to $10 minimum bets). In the next few months, we’ll be adding more ways to play, including a tournament system and game variants based on trivia categories and difficulty.

All-In Trivia© Game Rules:

The game begins when a player sits down at a table. You may bring a maximum of 50 times the minimum bet to the table. For example, you sit down with a maximum of $50 when you join a $1 game.

After sitting down you start the game by putting an “ante” into the pot. The ante is a fixed entry fee that all players pay. It is equal to 20% of the minimum bet (so $0.20 at a $1 table). A player that does not ante “sits out” and may not participate in the game.

Each game consists of three Question Rounds, each separated by a Betting Round. The game follows this format:
  • First Question Round (A number of questions)
  • First Betting Round (bet, call, raise, fold)
  • First Reveal
  • Second Question Round (A number of questions)
  • Second Betting Round
  • Second Reveal (Optional)
  • Final Question Round (A number of questions)
  • Final Betting Round
  • Final Reveal (Optional)

During a Question Round, you answer 2 or 3 multiple-choice questions. Each player gets the same question and has 15 seconds to select an answer. After everyone has answered, you find out if you got the question right or wrong and then move to the next question in the round.

At the completion of each Question Round, there is a Betting Round. During the Betting Round, you may Check (no bet), Bet, or Fold. If anyone Bets, you may Raise (increase the bet) or Call (match the bet). Once all players have called or folded, the Betting Round ends. At a $1 table, the smallest bet you can make is $1. The largest amount that can be bet in a single Betting Phase is $4 (four times the minimum bet).

After some Betting Round, everyone is shown how the other players are doing so far. This is called the “Reveal”. You will see how many answers your opponent’s have answered correctly (and they will see how many you got right). This information is shown only for a few seconds before the next Question Round begins so keep your eyes open!

After the last round of betting, everyone’s answers are revealed and the winner is paid. If more than one player gets the same number of correct answers, they “split the pot” evenly. charges a 15% rake for each game played.

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